The dynamic lifestyle and the constant career and prestige quest become one of the basic characteristics of urban families living in metropolises. 

The fast pace of life imposes the need to also make practical decisions regarding important decisions, such as choosing a new home.

The lower costs of living, the proximity to the educational institutions and workplaces make the residential units the first choice for modern families when choosing a new home.


One of the most important segments of modern families while choosing a new home is the location. It provides greatest part of the comforts that a family needs.

Traditional families consisted of two parents, their biological children, a working father and a stay-at-home mother are difficult to survive in today’s ultramodern society. Modern families today are diverse, starting from single parents to families with a lot of children.

These diverse families have different needs that the dynamic living imposes and should be satisfied. If the homes these families decided to live in are on a great location with an access to kindergartens, schools, libraries, health institutions, a great connection to the workplace, and a recreation area, their everyday lives will be improved and they will have a place to enjoy family moments together.

Functionality is also a key feature that should be taken into consideration when choosing a new home. Well-thought-out functional homes seriously improve life by enabling families to maximally use the space and offer a harmonic atmosphere which brings warmth and positive energy in the home.

The Grand River, a modern and functional building, being built opposite the Holiday Inn hotel at the best location in Skopje, is a great choice for a new home for urban families. The apartments in this building are intended for urban people with energetic lives, modern families who prefer the city dynamic environment and people who favour hybrid working life at the only location in the heart of Skopje.

The Grand River building is a place where you can find your freedom and individuality, have all the comforts at reach, and yet enjoy in your own peace. Each apartment has its own balcony which completely uses the natural light and provides enjoyment in the view of the most attractive city location.

At the same time, the building is designed to provide maximum comfort to future users, as well to completely use the natural light and the view to the Vardar River, or the Vodno mountain.

As part of the Grand Skopje complex, the Grand River offers the unique opportunity for its future residents to be close to a modern shopping gallery in the central part of the complex, but also a rest and relaxation area in the very city centre, namely the sophisticated urban park that will be part of the complex.

If you are in a quest of a new home, which is the perfect solution for the modern lifestyle, you can get a personalized offer in the shop of the Grand Skopje complex in the City Shopping Centre on the first floor, or can contact the sales team on: 070 355 351 and 070 233 055, as well as on the email: