If you are looking for a new home and you see your future in the best location in Skopje, you have a great opportunity at your disposal – a visit to the “Grand Skopje” showroom where, before you decide to buy a new home, you will get all useful and necessary information related to the “Grand Skopje” complex.

Located on the first floor of the City Shopping Center, the “Grand Skopje” showroom is the only one of its kind in the country and will allow you to get to know the details of the buildings that are being built within the complex, which is emerging opposite the “Holiday Inn” hotel.

The showroom started working 4 months ago and from the very beginning there is a significant number of visitors from different profiles who are interested in housing and work in the most attractive location in Skopje, and the staff from this showroom says that the interest in housing in “Grand River” is really big.

“We have a large number of visitors in the showroom, we can say that the location is definitely one of the main reasons why interested citizens come to visit our showroom and, of course, the unique view that our building “Grand River” offers” – said the employees in the sales hall of “Grand Skopje”.

Interested in being part of the “Grand” story are business people who want to build their business in the heart of Skopje, families with children who appreciate the proximity to all the amenities offered by the “Grand River” location, singles who want a dynamic life, as well as young couples who are interested in urban housing in the centre of events.

But what can potential customers find out in this showroom and what benefits can they gain?

All information about the apartments

From the friendly employees, both through a conversation and through a visual display, you will receive all the information you are interested in, starting with the number of apartments, their square footage, the orientation of the apartments, which apartments are most in demand and why, which construction materials are used, what kind of access and parking solution is provided within the complex, as well as information about the additional contents within the complex, etc.

So, without wandering around and checking the internet in one place, you can find out about all the details that may be a deciding factor for you when buying your new home.

Visual presentation

The showroom of “Grand Skopje” offers a unique opportunity through an interesting visual presentation to see the possible interior decoration of the apartments, but also the environment that “tomorrow” will be in your immediate vicinity, such as the proximity of a modern shopping gallery in the central part of the complex. urban park, space for rest and relaxation as an integral part of the complex, etc.

Information regarding prices and terms

We know that in the real estate industry, prices are not always fixed, i.e. the price per square meter is often determined by the very characteristics of the apartment you are interested in. Hence, apartments with the same or similar square footage can have different prices depending on their orientation, interior layout, etc., so after the detailed presentation of the apartments, the staff in the showroom – will also introduce you to the pricing policy and payment terms.

Calculation of credit packages

In the showroom of “Grand Skopje” there is a unique opportunity to buy real estate with a loan from the partner banks of the investor of the MF Fashion complex. On the spot, you will be introduced to the benefits offered by the banks, if you want to acquire your home through a dedicated loan. Also, by visiting the showroom, there is a high probability that you will be introduced to certain promotions or receive a personalized offer, tailored just for you and your needs. 

Information about the construction progress

In the showroom, you can get information about all phases of construction of the complex, get a realistic estimate of the time required for construction, but also regularly get information about the entire construction progress.

The staff, and indeed the investor, is obliged to inform you about the stages, so by signing the purchase agreement you are guaranteed timely information about the entire process.

However, you don’t buy an apartment every day and investing in a new home is a permanent investment that pays off many times over in the long run. Therefore, what is really crucial, first of all, is to make the right decision when buying a new home, and if your decision is an apartment in “Grand River”, the place you should turn to is the showroom of “Grand Skopje”.

You can visit the showroom located on the first floor of GTC, near the “Millennium” cinema, every working day from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. or call 070-355-351 and 070-233-055 and to make an appointment at a time that suits you.