There is a huge interest for buying apartments in the very central location of Skopje, says the architect Ilija Bozhinovski, manager of the company MG FASHION, which builds the Grand Skopje complex opposite to the Holiday Inn Hotel.

The first building named Grand River, being built at the moment, has already interested not only citizens of Skopje and other towns around the country, but also foreigners, said Bozhinovski in the Morning Briefing show.

“The first building has 20 floors, and each of them has all types of apartments – with one, two or three bedrooms. All apartments have terraces, and every side offers a special and fantastic view on its own. Part of the apartments are directed toward Vodno, while others toward the Vardar River and Skopska Crna Gora,” said Bozhinovski.

The residents who will buy an apartment in the complex wouldn’t have to worry about parking their own vehicles since there will be three underground floors planned as garages, explained Bozhinovski. The complex, which is being built, will have about 200 apartments, and we apply the most modern architectural and construction materials.

“We apply everything that is necessary for a high-quality living space. That means thermal insulation, electricity, special fire extinguishing systems… The apartments will be included in the central heating,” said Bozhinovski.

The most luxurious apartments are at the top floor of the complex, compared to all the other objects built in Skopje, these apartments will have huge terraces and ceilings with a height of 4 m, as well as great surface, explained the architect.

The price of the apartments is not calculated by m2, instead the floor, the size, the orientation and the size of the terrace of the apartment play an important role. Regarding the time period, the apartments will be completed in around two years, followed by the realization of the other buildings of the Grand Skopje complex.

The Grand Skopje complex will be built in 4 stages with mixed purpose, namely it is composed of two residential and one commercial building, which will be connected with an open shopping area on the ground floor, while the centre of the complex is planned for an urban park with an area of nearly 7,500 m2.