The desire for one’s own space and personal freedom is easily achievable with the housing loan of Komercijalna banka!


No fee for credit approval and administration
No real estate appraisal fee


  • Repayment period up to 40 years
  • Possibility for a grace period of 12 months
  • Participation of minimum 10% of the purchase price of the apartment
  • No early repayment fee
  • Possibility of repaying the loan up to 75 years of age
  • An option for life insurance to be included
  • Fixed interest rates for the first 5 years of loan repayment


Housing loan with LIFE INSURANCE from Triglav Osiguruvanje Zhivot AD Skopje (Triglav Life Insurance AD Skopje) included

  • 3.3  % annual, fixed interest for the first 5 years
  • 5.952 % per annum, variable for the rest of the repayment period

Housing loan without insurance included

For housing loan with euro clause

  • 3.5 % p.a., fixed for the first 5 years,
  • 6.152 % p.a. variable, for the rest of the loan period

For denar housing loan

  • 4 % p.a., fixed for the first 3 years
  • 4.5 % p.a., fixed for the next 3 years
  • 6.12 % p.a., variable, for the rest of the loan period

Interested customers who are looking for a new home, in the most attractive location in Skopje, can get more detailed information about the housing loan from “Komercijalna banka” AD Skopje for the apartments under construction in the “Grand River” building on the Bank’s official website, or contact the sales hall of the “Grand Skopje”” complex in the GTC on the 1st floor, at the telephone numbers: 070 355 351 and 070 233 055, as well as at the email: