MG FASHION D.O.O. Skopje informs the public that today, Monday, November 22, 2021, begins the construction of the first phase of the “Grand” complex in Skopje, planned for the construction of Building Plot 1.1 within the Detailed Urban Plan (DUP) C08 for “Novo Maalo” in the territory of the Municipality of Centar, and in accordance with the previously received Building Approval UP 1 No. 27-92 of April 13, 2021.

In this first phase, the construction of the residential-commercial building begins, which contains: three underground levels, a ground floor plus twenty floors and an attic. The building will be built in accordance with the highest architectural standards and norms for building energy-efficient buildings that have a minimal impact on the environment. The underground levels are intended for vehicle parking, the ground floor and the first floor are for business purposes, while the rest of the floors are residential units of different sizes. The building is designed to provide maximum comfort to the future users of the residential units as well as full use of natural light and views, both towards the Vardar River and the Vodno Mountain. 

We want to emphasize that within the framework of DUP C08, a public area of a total of 7,500 m2 is planned, or approximately the area of Macedonia Square in the centre of Skopje. Our vision for this public space is to arrange it in a modern way, similar to the urban parks in the world’s capitals, such as the one at “Porta Nuova” in Milan, and for which conceptual solution we will propose that a public competition be announced in cooperation with the Municipality of Centar. MG FASHION D.O.O. Skopje as a socially responsible company, at its own expense, will compensate all residents of “Novo Maalo” who have property in this area, regardless of the fact that no construction is planned on it, and that in the same way and in the same ratio, as well as the inhabitants of “Novo Maalo”, on whose property the construction of buildings is planned. 

Regarding the compensation, MG FASHION D.O.O. Skopje reminds that with the full implementation of this project, the residents of “Novo Maalo” will finally feel the benefits of modern urban living in the capital through urban regeneration of this important space in the heart of Skopje. It is about compensating more than 300 residents who still exist there as natives in the centre of Skopje and who have been living for more than seven decades in substandard conditions, without faecal and atmospheric sewage, in buildings built at the end of the 19th or the beginning of the 20th century, while for decades they had a ban on any kind of reconstruction, extension or construction of their homes.

At the same time, MG FASHION D.O.O. Skopje invites all residents of “Novo Maalo” who have property in the territory of DUP C08, and with whom compensation agreements have not yet been concluded, regardless of whether the construction of buildings or public space is planned on their property, to contact or come to our business premises so that we would be able to conclude appropriate contracts for compensation in order to build the entire residential-business complex foreseen by DUP C08.

We sincerely hope that the citizens of the City of Skopje, and especially the residents of the Municipality of Centar, will recognize and support our vision for a new, modern urban space that will proudly represent our Skopje in the 21st century.