With the announcement of the beginning of the construction of the “Grand” complex on plot 1.1 in the parking lot opposite the “Holiday Inn”, the MG Fashion company also announced a capital investment of a public park with a fountain on an area of nearly 7,500 m2 as a donation to the city and all citizens.

This area, according to MG Fashion, is the same as the area of Macedonia Square, and it is planned for a new, urban, open and public space for all citizens within the DUP C08 in the territory of the Municipality of Centar.

The investor’s vision for this public space is to arrange it similar to the urban parks in the world’s capitals, such as the one at “Porta Nuova” in Milan, which requires cooperation with the competent authorities of the Municipality of Centar, because the valid DUP of this building plot only provides for ground-level landscaping with a fountain and memorial landmark. Hence, what the investor offers as a solution for the plot at “Holiday Inn” is landscaping the space with a variety of park greenery, ennobled with a modern fountain, urban equipment and numerous other contents of an open character, available to all citizens, as well as announcing a public competition for a conceptual solution in cooperation with the Municipality.

“Such a modern public space, similar to the world’s landscaped urban parks and spaces, will offer additional revitalization and modernization of this part of the city centre, which is in the interest of all citizens and our entire community,” said MG Fashion, adding that for the citizens of “Novo Maalo” who are the owners of the private plots on which a public area is planned, compensation is foreseen in the same ratio as for the other owners whose plots are covered by the new facilities.

In addition, the company expressed its willingness to cooperate with the City of Skopje, the Faculty of Forestry and green organizations to prepare a solution and invest in the restoration of the part of the 13th November Quay that stretches along the length of the site.