Within the frames of the Grand Skopje complex, a new urban park is projected alike the parks in the world metropolis, announced the company MG Fashion, which builds the contemporary residential-commercial complex Grand Skopje located opposite of Holiday Inn Hotel.

As highlighted by MG Fashion, the company is prepared to realize this capital investment as a donation to the city and expressed readiness for cooperation with the Municipality of Centar to landscape this area with versatile greenery, alike the world urban parks and spaces decorated with contemporary fountain and urban smart equipment.

It is projected for the park area to be about 7,500 m2, which is approximately to the size of Macedonia square, and the same will be a public area open for every citizen.

“The benefits of the park will enjoy not only the residents of Grand Skopje, but also all the citizens of Skopje and beyond since our purpose is to turn this park, as well as the whole complex, into the new landmark of the city. For the prospective residents, this park is an exceptional advantage as they will have the possibility to build their future into an urban green complex built by world standards in the very centre of the city,” declared from the company.

The vision of the investor MG Fashion is for the centre of Skopje to get a modern public park for the first time, as it deserves, decorated with numerous quality open-type services which will enrich the life in the capital.

In that aspect, within the frames of the Grand Skopje complex in the central part will be built a modern shopping gallery connected to the park that will provide additional benefits to the visitors, such as numerous cafes and restaurants, open shopping space, convenience for children, etc.