Choosing a new home indirectly traces our life path. Owning a home gives the family a sense of stability, safety and belonging.  Therefore, choosing a new home should be carefully made, and all of the aspects providing you a comfortable and quality life should be taken into consideration. The quest for a new home should be thorough, and the choice should be based on confirmed facts. We represent you important information that will help you decide why choosing the south-oriented home is the right choice.

Living on the south side in the centre of Skopje offers an amazing view

The start of the morning defines how you’ll spend the rest of the day, therefore, one of the main priorities while choosing your future home should be the view you will wake up to every morning. One of the most important benefits that you have when living on the south side in Skopje is the picturesque view towards one of the most beautiful areas of the capital, the Vodno mountain and the Millennium Cross. The view has been maximally used during the design of the Grand River; the object being built opposite the Holiday Inn hotel as part of the residential-commercial complex Grand Skopje. This is a contemporary building that is designed to provide maximum comfort to future users, as well to completely use the natural light and the view. The possibility of waking up in the morning in the apartments owning spacious balconies with glass fences has the potential to promote the quality of your life due to the availability of natural sunlight and the option to enjoy it and the unique view.

South-located homes save heating and electricity

Saving heat and electricity is one of the key economy advantages, which provide the south side, especially in times where their price continuously increases. Buildings built with high standards of energy efficiency, such as the Grand River, with thermally insulated façade and low-emissivity glass, save heat and electricity and have minimum environmental effect. Saving heat is most prominent in the coldest part of the year, namely from December to February, when the costs for additional heating of the space would be considerably lower. When taking into consideration the heat and electricity that will be saved on the long run, the south-located apartments are by all means a profitable investment.

Natural sunlight has a positive health effect 

It is established that the natural sunlight is a resource of positive energy and good mood, and a factor that positively influences the physical and mental health. The benefits from the natural sunlight are confirmed by numerous researches, which showed that it is directly related to the mood since it stimulates the serotonin, the hormone of happiness, which, when secreted in greater amounts, is related to the good mood, satisfaction and tranquillity. Sunlight motivates people and it positively affects even their concentration and appetite. Homes located on the south side, with spacious yards or balconies, for the greatest part of the day expose their residents to the vitamin D3, which is the only D vitamin that the body can produce due to the sunlight and which significantly improves people’s immunity.

The natural sunlight, besides providing numerous health benefits, strongly affects the perception of space, namely it makes it visually look greater and more spacious. 

The south-oriented home enables you to grow many plants

Plant lovers will definitely enjoy if their home is on the south side. Greatest part of the plants grown at home need sunlight; therefore, the availability of the sunlight will enable you to grow wide spectrum of plants in your home, which will bring freshness, joy and positive vibrations. It is also confirmed that the home plants lower the stress level, increase your productivity and improve the air quality.

All of this clearly shows why the south-side residential units in the Grand River should be your choice for a new home, where you can build your moments of happiness.

If you are interested in living following the highest standards on the south side of the Grand River, you can get a personalized offer in the shop of the Grand Skopje complex in the City Shopping Centre on the first floor, or can contact the sales team on: 070 355 351 and 070 233 055, as well as on the email: