An open possibility for living in the heart of Skopje – MG FASHION DOO Skopje starts its campaign which will present the Grand Skopje complex, currently being built opposite to the Holiday Inn Hotel. The campaign will be realized in a couple of stages.

The complex was presented to the public in April last year, but the investor doesn’t reveal any new details yet. However, the campaign implies that Grand Skopje will offer its potential residents an exclusive location with the best city view and an attractive complex with services within reach.

It is a complex promising to be the new city landmark and which is a perfect choice of those who prefer urban housing, modern and quality lifestyle.

The first object, named Grand River, which is currently being built, is a residential-commercial building consisted of three underground levels, a ground floor, 20 floors, and a loft. It’s being built in accordance to the highest architectural standards and norms for the construction of energy efficient objects. The underground levels serve as parking places for vehicles, the ground and the first floors are intended for commercial purposes, while the other floors are comprised of residential units with different size. The building, as well as the complex itself, is designed to provide maximum comfort to future users of the residential units, and it completely uses the natural light and the view to the Vardar River and the Vodno mountain.

Moreover, the investor has previously announced that the whole Grand Skopje complex will have a mixed purpose, namely it is comprised of two residential and one commercial building, which will be connected with an open shopping area on the ground floor, while at the centre of the complex the urban park is planned with an area of nearly 7,500 m2 as a donation to the city of Skopje and the citizens.