Milan, the global centre of fashion, design, art and communications, located in Northern Italy, has a reason more to be one of the most visited European destinations. In the capital of the Lombardy region, a new residential-commercial complex was designed Porta Nuova, with a unique innovation spirit regarding architecture, design and green urban development.

One of the greatest reconstruction projects in Europe was realised in the heart of Milan, the second largest city in Italy, where the residential-commercial complex Porta Nuova was created, an example of modern design and biodiversity, and a complex fighting climate change.

The complex is composed of couple of remarkable objects with unusual design, administrative part, vertical garden and spacious urban park, which is an attraction for the residents and visitors of Milan. 

Among the most remarkable objects part of the complex are the two residential objects, which form the vertical garden Bosco Verticale, and are designed by the architect Stefano Boeri, a renewed Italian architect, founder of Stefano Boeri Architetti. This garden is a home of more than 15,000 plants from 90 species, which equals to 3 ha of horizontal forest, which annually absorbs 30 tons of carbon dioxide. The architect Stefano Boeri has won couple of prestigious world prizes for this object with a unique design.

As part of the complex, Porta Nuova the greatest skyscraper in Italy named UniCredit Tower is built. The tower is 231 m tall and is designed in glass, thus creating different colour spectrum reflecting the sunlight depending on how the light falls during the day. Next to this tower are two more glass skyscrapers, which are a design of the same designer, who, during their creation, gave priority to the principle of sustainability and environmental protection.

Great part of this avant-garde and innovative story is the urban park with greenery covering a surface area of 90,000 square meters, with 23 various tree species. Plenty of cultural events are organised in the frames of this park. Fitness centres, spaces created for children and parks for pets are part of the park.

Inevitable part of the complex is the shopping gallery with famous companies and luxurious brands, which are especially attractive to the visitors of the Italian fashion centre.

Many tourists visiting Milan during the Milan Fashion Week, which is a city landmark in itself, have the opportunity to enjoy the artistic touch and the creation of Porta Nuova. During the promenades, they can enjoy the public art installation Egg and the magical creativity and innovation energy, which give the complex magnetic attraction and a reason to visit it again.

*Images retrieved from the web page Living Milan, in Porta Nuova