The decoration style of your new home is a reflection of your character, lifestyle and vision. Home is a place where we share our sincerest emotions with our beloved and are celebrating life. Thus, this special place for every family deserves to be impeccably decorated. Before starting decorating your home, it is very beneficial to start looking for decoration styles that match your personality and enable you to create your perfect story according to your family preferences. Of course, you should take into consideration the practical needs of your beloved, who you share the home with. In order to find inspiration and to discover your decoration style that suits you the best, you have to consider as many different combinations of styles, colours, elements and designs as possible. 



The inspiration for this decoration style comes from the more classical and older European design styles, which doesn’t mean that the traditional style is an old-fashioned one. The rooms decorated in this style create a feeling of comfort and warmth due to the wood, which is used as a basic material while designing the interior. All of the components of this style have neutral tones with dark, golden and silver additions. The wood carvings on the kitchen elements and the floral patterns on the furniture are just part of the unique marks of this decoration style. 



The industrial decoration style is intended for those who want to combine more materials into the interior design. The inspiration for this style arises from the factories from the past. The materials you will encounter during the interior design according to this style are the exposed steel beams, bricks and concrete, unfinished surfaces, damaged wood, etc. Designers often add metal dark chandeliers as a bearing element in the space. If you make up your mind for this style and want to implement a softer tone in the design, you can use carpets or artworks on the walls in warmer colours, thus you would get a contrast with the other elements in the interior. 

Art Deco


If The Great Gatsby is your favourite film, this is the style you need. As an inspiration, imagine a home full of shiny geometric shapes, coated wood, chromated built-in elements and decorative mirrors. Part of the furniture used in the decoration can have a curved front, while the rest of it can be with pointy corners and edges. The lighting is typically layered and allows you to use more elements from the same type in the same space, whether it is a ceiling, floor or wall lighting.  The colour spectrum in this style is usually neutral, but you can also add strong colours in moderate quantity. 

Mid-Century Modern


This decoration style reflects the popular designs of the 50s and 60s.  Similar to the Art Deco, this style is marked by geometrical figures, but simpler and more subtle, has clearer lines and less decorative details recognisable for the 20s and 30s. Beside the wood, other materials used during the design in this style are plywood, plastic, stainless steel and aluminium. The furniture follows the natural curvy lines, and minimalistic, but functional design. The Mid-century styles accept remarkable colours, such as orange, yellow, green, blue and dark brown.  


Source: pixabay

This decoration style matches the concept of the residential units in Grand River, spacious rooms full of natural light. Although the minimalistic principle is for the interior to own as less elements as possible, that doesn’t mean that the space should be empty and “cold”. Choose your design wisely in order to accomplish the minimalistic effect in your home; it should be neat with straight and geometrical structures, simple materials and textures, while the colour spectrum should be mainly composed of black and white, and one to two primary colours that would dominate the space. This way you will accentuate the shape and the colour of each design element, thus attracting attention to different parts of the interior of your new home.